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Thinking of having a dessert bar for your wedding or special event?  A sweet bites table is the best way to get a little bit of everything!  These miniature desserts are a perfect 2 bites of sweetness. 


You'll need to decide how many desserts to provide for your guests. If you're serving Sweet Bites alongside a wedding cake, you may only need 1-2 pieces per person.  If you're providing sweet bites in lieu of a large, served bridal cake, I recommend a minimum of 2-3 pieces per person on average, 4-5 pieces for a more indulgent course, and 6-8 pieces for a full sugar rush!  For example, if you're expecting 200 guests, you'll want 600 pieces total--so 150 each of mini cupcakes, tiny pies, lemon squares and cream puffs.

Generally, there is a minimum order of 2 dozen per item, per flavor.  Choose as many items as you like!  

If you have a favorite dessert or flavor that you don't see on my menu, just ask!

I have a variety of display stands and platters that can be rented with a security deposit.  More often than not the client provides their own display table and set-up. 

Mini Cupcakes  $14/dozen 

  vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, almond, lemon

Cake Pops $27/dozen (cake pop at bottom of stick)

                       $32/dozen (cake pop at top--like a sucker)

  includes chocolate dip and sprinkles

  *Cello wrap and stem ribbon +$.50 each

Dipped Pretzel Rods $16/dozen, $18/dozen w/ color

  dipped in vanilla or dark chocolate, sprinkles of your choice

Marshmallow Pops $16/dozen

  dipped in vanilla or dark chocolate, sprinkles of your choice

Homestyle Cookies (large ~3.5") $18/dozen

                                         (regular ~2.5") $13/dozen

chocolate chip, M&M, peanut butter, chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia (+$2/dozen)

Mini Cookie Cream Pies $28/dozen

  your choice of small homestyle cookie, filled with cream cheese icing


Dessert Shooters  $36/dozen, spoon included

 strawberry shortcake, triple berry trifle, chocolate lovers, tiramisu, cookies 'n cream, chocolate peanut butter chunk, lemon raspberry

French Macarons, filled $27/dozen

 vanilla bean, chocolate, salted caramel, raspberry, pistachio, mango, nutella, coffee, lavender blueberry

Small Tarts  $30/dozen 

 fresh fruit, lemon meringue, key lime, chocolate fudge, fruit mousse



Mousse filled Chocolate Cups  $24/dozen

 white chocolate, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, coffee, creme de menthe


Caramel Ganache Brownies  $24/dozen

  2" squares

White Chocolate Chip Blondies $22/dozen

  2" squares

Tangy Lemon Squares  $20/dozen

  2" squares

Marshmallow Cereal Treats  $20/dozen

  2" squares

Coconut Macaroons  $20/dozen..$13/dozen mini


Cream Puffs  $27/dozen

  split cream puff, vanilla or chocolate filled, topped with fresh whipped cream and dusted with sugar

Mini Eclairs  $24/dozen

  vanilla or chocolate filled

Dipped Strawberries  $24/dozen (sizes may vary)

 chocolate or vanilla dipped with drizzle 

Tuxedo Dipped Strawberries $30/dozen

Chocolate Truffles  $24/dozen

 dark chocolate, coffee, irish cream, mint


Pecan Pie Squares  $33/dozen

  2" square


Cheesecake Bites  $30/dozen

 NY vanilla, vanilla raspberry swirl, chocolate

Tiny Pies  $30/dozen

 apple streusel, cherry streusel, blueberry streusel,  coconut cream, banana cream, French silk

Bulk candy provided upon request, price based on $/pound retail

Packaged favorites (Oreos, donuts, etc) provided upon request, $ at face value

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